Building Inspections Tauranga

How many of us would be happy taking a gamble

with half a million dollars of our own hard earned cash?

If you’re a vendor looking to sell or a buyer looking to purchase a property and want independent advice to give you reassurance that what you are about to sign up for is structurally sound and healthy for your family or prospective tenants, then we need talk about how we can be of service!

Who are we and how can we help? 

Hi!  My name is Karoha George and I am the owner and operator of Express Building Inspections Tauranga.  I’m a trade qualified Carpenter with over 22 years’ experience in the building, construction, maintenance and building inspection industries.  With the knowledge and experience gained over this time I would like to offer my services so that you are able to make a well informed decision on the condition of the property of interest to you, prior to taking the plunge!  My company is registered with the NZ Companies Office and is also fully insured to give you peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Is it necessary that I obtain a building report?

The short answer is no you don’t.  But think about this for a moment…..  Why would anyone spend near on or in excess of half a million dollars on a property and not want to know what condition it is in and whether it has major issues that could potentially be very costly to fix after the fact???   See below for some visuals on issues commonly found during a building inspection.

  • Water ingress and or damage
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Rot and mould
  • Damaged electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, fittings and fixtures
  • Ground subsidence
  • Drainage issues just to name a few

Services on offer

  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections for buyers and vendors.
  • Pre-auction inspections for buyers.
  • Asbestos inspections including testing to confirm whether asbestos is present in your home or property.
  • Dilapidation reports which are especially good for those wanting confirmation of the condition of their property or building, before and after a nearby project is completed ie to monitor whether the project has had a detrimental effect or caused damage to your property.
  • Special inspections ie subfloor only, roof and roof cavity only, whole exterior of building only (roof, walls, doors & windows), inspection of a specific item or area etc

If you have something out of the ordinary with special requirements just ask.  I’m confident we can tailor an inspection to suit your needs!

We offer 3 levels of reports to suit your budget and requirements

  • A verbal report (client must be present onsite throughout the inspection). Verbal commentary will be given throughout the inspection.  We’ll also provide a Certificate of inspection on completion, but not a written report.
  • Our standard package is accompanied by a written report, photographs of each area, photographs and commentary on notable items along with a section within the report that summarises the notable findings found during the inspection.
  • Our comprehensive package includes everything in the standard package accompanied by more photographs along with a video walkthrough of the entire property. This package is specially designed for but is not limited to out of town or overseas buyers.

Please do not take the gamble!  Booking your inspection with Express will give you that extra peace of mind on the condition of the property of interest at the time of inspection.  Make contact ASAP for a no obligation free quote.  I look forward to being of service!