Building Inspections Christchurch

Welcome to Express Building Inspections Christchurch where our business is built on Peace of Mind. Providing our clients with Peace of Mind that their investment is everything they expect it is and with no nasty and costly suprises!


My name is Cornelius Isaks, I am a local resident with many years’ experience in the building industry and now offer my knowledge and expertise across a range of property inspections for buyers, sellers and owners.

  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections
  • Pre Sale Inspections
  • Rental Property Condition Inspections
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • Tax Depreciation Reports
  • Asbestos Inspections

For many Kiwis purchasing a property is a major investment and you want to be  certain the investment is a sound one. Express Building Inspections Christchurch can provide you with a detailed report so you know exactly what you’re buying. Obtaining a Building Inspection Report is a critical step in the purchase process of any property in NZ.


Whether you are buying, selling or simply want an up to date inspection of an existing property Express Building Inspections Christchurch has the solution for you. We provide prompt, professional service using resulting in comprehensive reporting with our advanced technology and reporting software and can usually meet even the most urgent reporting requirements.

Pre Sale Building Inspection Report

Packages start from $289.00+GST. Be one step ahead with an independent building inspection carried out prior to marketing your property for sale. This will highlight any areas that may require attention prior to putting your home on the market to ensure you obtain maximum value when selling.


Packages start from $250.00+GST. A comprehensive report is conducted on the overall condition of a property prior to commencement of neighbouring development works. This report can be obtained by the property owner and in most cases is obtained by the developer to safe guard them against any damage claimed to neighbouring properties. It is highly recommended that prior to earth works and construction on neighbouring land that you obtain a dilapidation report to safeguard your property.


Packages start from $250.00+GST. As building inspectors we are aware of the array of products in the industry that contain asbestos, many products that contained asbestos years ago now don’t although they may still appear to look the same. This being so it can be hard to identify without a sample test being carried out and sent to a lab to be assessed. When an asbestos sample report is required we attend site to assess any products that may contain asbestos, we then remove a small sample from a discreet area following strict safety procedures and then sent to a lab for testing and results provided promptly after assessment.

Rental Property Condition Report

Packages start from $289.00+GST. This is a non-invasive report inspecting all components inside and out of the property. This Inspection includes moisture metre readings throughout the house. Any maintenance suggestions or engagement of tradespersons will be noted in the report.

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Packages start from $550+GST. Obtain a thorough report on fixtures and fittings within your investment property to ensure you are taking advantage of Tax depreciation in relation to your investment.

Pre Auction  Building Inspection Report

Packages start from $289.00+GST. Like the pre-sale inspection this puts you in the driver’s seat and you will not be knocked down in price if your property is well maintained. A proactive vendor will be prepared with a pre-sale or pre-auction building report.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Report

Packages start from $289.00+GST. This is a comprehensive non-invasive building inspection and critical to safeguard anyone about to purchase a property.

As a home owner in the building industry I believe it is vital for any property owner in Christchurch to have a regular building inspection and certainly for any purchaser to have absolute peace of mind as to exactly what they are buying. Contact Cornelius today for a personalised, prompt and comprehensive building inspection report.